NAME:          Dusk

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male


SOUL NAME:              Kail

KNOWN BY:              himself, Everchange (mother), Owlflight (father)

LIFE\LOVEMATE:  too young to think about it

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              8\adult

HEIGHT:     still growing\4'9"

HAIR:                       strawberry red, mid back length, headband and one braid on each side of his

face\falls to rump kept loose and wears on braid on the left side of his face

EYES:                        hazel eyes, wide, rounded

SKIN TONE:                       tanned

BODY TYPE:             right now still growing in that twig like stage\will have a strong body,

strong arms and legs and a wide chest


CLOTHING:            long sleeves shirt tucked into pants with the arms tucked into arm wraps, wears a

darker colored loincloth that has an eagleís feather attached to it, pants tucked into calf

boots that each have a feather on them. COLORS: earthy tones, brown greens and blacks  

JEWELRY:  clip earring in his right ear, crescent moon necklace

WEAPONS:            spears, small practice swords

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:  the spears that were made for him by his father

ABILITIES:   sending, animal bonding, latent metamorph

SKILLS:            learning to hunt, track and scouting from his father, and quick movement and

agility from his mother

FAMILY:            Everchange (mother), Owlflight (father), Littlecat (adopted brother)

ORIGIN:      Holt Of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:  Not much has happened to Dusk so far as he

    is only 8 turns in age. Dusk is a very curious cub. Always following his father, mother or big

    brother to learn their trades and skills. A bit clumsy when he walks sometimes and gives

    everyone the impression of a newborn deer. Has a bit of a wild side that he got from his mother.

     He changes his attitude and views on things very rapidly. Believes in the NOW very strongly and

     hardly ever turns from that point of view. Not very shy, and usually gets along with everyone.

    Was born right after the death of Dawnblade and Fountainbraid. Is too young to know about or

     be involved in DANCING, but will know a great deal about it when older and will enjoy it.

COLOR(S)\SYMBOLS:   Black\crescent moon


            HUMANS:              hasn't met any yet but has heard they are big creatures and will and could

kill him on sight\will meet a young woman when he is hurt in the jungle at

age 25. She will take him to her tent and there he realizes not all are bad and he is devastated when she is killed for keeping him a secret. From then on will vow to avenge his friendís death.

            TROLLS:              has met Broketooth and thinks he is funny, and keeps the secret of him

being around well. But wouldn't trust another troll to save his fatherís life.

            PRESERVERS:     "Don't they ever stop singing?!"

            ELVES:            Gets along with them for the most part and tends to stay away from the



BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:          Mica

GENDER:     male   

COLOR:        silver with white on his underside and grey blue eyes.

PERSONALITY:              Very hyper and funny in appearance. His tongue always hangs out the side

of his mouth and has this stupid look on his face. Became friends with Dusk after meeting

him in the jungle while running with his mother.  The two cubs get along great and learn

something new from each other every day. The bond between them is very strong!


NAME:               Chatter          

GENDER:     female (he thinks)

COLOR:            dark brown with a white patch on her chest