NAME:          Duel

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male


SOUL NAME:            Romy

KNOWN BY:                       himself, Shadowdark (brother), Ciaran (soul brother)

LIFE\LOVEMATE:                    plays the field

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              63

HEIGHT:     3í5Ē

HAIR:                       blonde, shoulder length, straight, bangs across face half the time

EYES:                        sapphire blue, wide, slightly slanted, almond shaped

SKIN TONE:                       golden tan, lighter in winter

BODY TYPE:            wiry, lean muscles, strong dancerís legs

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        high cheeks, oval face, wide set eyes,

            arched eyebrows, impish mouth, various small scars, looks like Brad Pitt

CLOTHING:                       bright blue pants tucked into black knee high boots, vest with left half

bright blue and right half rich purple. Sometimes wears black shorts with black

moccasins or barefoot

JEWELRY:  silver chain necklace, gold chain necklace, two brightly colored bead necklaces,

bone necklace (made for him by Ciaran), two gold hoop earrings per ear, gold armband

on either arm

WEAPONS: bow, dagger

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            brother, nephew, soul brother, his other friends and family, jewelry

and instruments

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, developing firestarting

SKILLS:            archery (especially from cat- and horseback), stealing, gambling, fast talking,

            dancing (great love), acrobatics, wrestling, flirting all the time, lovemaking (sees self as

very good), dreamberry consumption in great quantities, singing, plays tambourine and

            drum, exceptional hearing and sight, dead-eye aim (if he must)

FAMILY:            Tenderleaf (mother, deceased), Wildmane (father, deceased), Shadowdark

(younger brother), Darklight (nephew)

ORIGIN:            mountain holt

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Duel is charming, honest, and very intelligent.

    He is very competitive, especially in wrestling and  catback riding. He got his name because of his

    love of challenges. Duel is loveable and friendly. He LOVES to cuddle. His favorite things to do are

    dancing, gambling, and joining. Heís not lazy, just too busy daydreaming. Very quick on the uptake.

     Doesnít like to lose but isnít a poor sport. One of the few who can stand his brother when Shadowdark

     is in a bad mood. Duelís father died from a broken neck after a fall from a cliff. Humans captured

    his mother and brother. They were tortured and Tenderleaf died, but Shadowdark was saved.

    Duel lives day to day with the appearance of innocence (heís rarely innocent of anything).

Duel could have been the model for Don Quixote, as heís always picking up causes and

stays with them to the end (no matter how good or bitter). He likes helping people in

general. Duel doesnít understand the changes Shadowdark underwent after Twilightweb

 left him, but he wants to help Shadowdark get back to normal (which happens slowly

after they come back home again). He loves his brother very much even though it is very

 hard to do so on some days. Duel enlisted Ciaranís help to try and straighten out his

brother, which did help. He does his best to help his brother with his son, Darklight,

and loves his nephew very much. Thereís nothing he wouldnít do for the boy, and spoils

 him rotten. Duel has an easy going, easy to talk to nature, and the chief of his original

holt often used him to help soothe over problems or put newcomers at ease. Duel is a

dreamer, but heís also a good organizer (especially of parties, his favorite thing). He

would make a good leader if there ever were a need. Prefers a laid-back lifestyle, but

does like adventure and he is good at getting into trouble. Duel almost never misses

a party or gambling session. He flirts shamelessly with everyone and anyone. He wonít

 seriously make a pass at someoneís lifemate or serious lovemate, but will occasionally

 flirt with them (and if they want him, all the better!). Heís rarely crude. Everyone knows

 how Duel is, and it is rare that anyone gets angry with him. He doesnít think other elves

 canít live without him, and isnít all that arrogant. He just likes the erotic and has a

reputation of being very good in the bedfurs. He left his home holt with a group feeling

that it was time to once again move on, see something new, and do things. He enjoys the novelty of it. 



HUMANS:            leery of them because of what they did to his family

            TROLLS:            doesnít know much about them

            PRESERVERS:     can be a pain, but doesnít mind them

            OTHER ELVES:         gets along with everyone, a people elf. Loves the ladies.

BOND BEAST:            sabertooth-like cat

NAME:            Blazingstar

GENDER:     female

COLOR:        grey with white star on forehead

                        Generally friendly


NAME:          Lazy

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        golden