NAME:            Darksage

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:            not revealed

KNOWN BY:                       herself at age 16, parents

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                none

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              cub\adult

HEIGHT:            growing\3’9”

HAIR:                       black with red-gold highlights, mid back length, flowing\knee length with long

lock in face

EYES:                        medium brown, level, almond shape

SKIN TONE:                       fair to light tan

BODY TYPE:            chubby\slender and shapely with small bust

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        none

CLOTHING:                       simple outfits\tan and med. blue leather halter top with chain straps, and

knee length loincloth with waist chain, barefoot (occasionally sandals)

JEWELRY:            whatever trinket catcher her fancy\copper spider on ankh amulet necklace, various


SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            family, box of childhood trinkets she calls her “treasure”

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding\plus metalshaping

SKILLS:            none\hunting, tracking, scouting, spying and playing tricks on humans and trolls,

            hiding, concealment, defensive fighting, preserving and making travel foods, tinkers with


FAMILY:            Sagewinds (mother), Darkweb (father), Websilk (brother), Nightsage (maternal

grandmother), Crystalwolf (maternal grandfather), Spidersting (paternal grandmother,

deceased), Silvertooth (paternal grandfather), Nightcrystal (aunt), Winterheart (uncle),

Sabertwist (cousin), Battlefierce (cousin), Seeker (aunt), Nightmoon (uncle), Timberlore

(aunt), Nimblehand (uncle), Runeworm (cousin)

ORIGIN:      Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:              Happy, curious, playful as a cub.

Always into everything. Not a bit timid or bashful. Already showing signs of being a playful

prankster. When grown, she’s not only playful, but serious when she needs to be. Looks up

 to her chiefs and family members as role models. She doesn’t mind having to kill humans

or possibly trolls, but only when necessary. It’s more fun to play tricks on them. Likes hanging

 and conspiring with playful elves and jewelry makers. She’s rather like her grandfather,

Silvertooth, and has a group of several lovemates to pick from. Indulges in dreamberries often,

but not to the point of intoxication. Participates often in DANCING, especially with one of her

favorite lovemates. History is so far uneventful.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     blue, black, tan\spider on an ankh


            HUMANS:            could care less\spying on, playing tricks on, but careful when near them.

Only kills when need arises.

            TROLLS:            same as humans; they also make nice weapons, gems, and trinkets

            PRESERVERS:     fun! Pretty!\finds them useful for playing tricks with

            OTHER ELVES:         likes most, plays tricks on idiots and any she dislikes

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Fuzzyface

GENDER:     female

COLOR:        non-descript grey-brown with brown eyes.

Mild mannered in temperament