NAME:            Curiosity

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:            Tid

KNOWN BY:                       herself, Snow (soul brother)

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                none

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              480

HEIGHT:     4’

HAIR:                       pale blonde, mid-back length, bangs, straight, ponytail         

EYES:                        baby blue, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:                       fair

BODY TYPE:            slender, lithe

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:                        none

CLOTHING:            dark blue short sleeved leather dress with light blue long narrow neckline and

crossed bands, med. brown leather moccasins, two fur bracelets below elbow

JEWELRY:            wooden bangle on left wrist, copper earring in right ear with ruby

WEAPONS: spear

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:                 waterskin

ABILITIES:            sending, animal binding, extraordinary magic feeling, hypnosis

SKILLS:            average hunting, fighting, swimming, non-magical healing, dancing, exact sense

of direction, wolfriding

FAMILY:     not important

ORIGIN:      tribe of wolfblooded elves in the far cold north

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Born in a tribe that was constantly at

war with humans, Curiosity was 30 when she was to take part in her first “human hunt.” She

refused to kill them, which was most unlike and suspicious to the tribe. She didn’t experience

the same hostile treatment as Snow, for the Elders of the tribe thought her early discovered

hypnosis to be too valuable for the tribe. Curiosity grew up together with Snow so she knows

about his encounter with the human cubs, which was the reason for her refusal. She was his only

friend as the tribe had ostracized him. When Snow left, she was hunting, and being informed of

that after her return, she followed him immediately, for she would rather stay with him than

without him. Her behavior: the word is program! She’s just curious about everything; it is her favorite

 state of mind. Her cheerfulness, self-consciousness, and open-hearted nature make her the total

opposite of Snow. She is also rather impatient and was the mainspring of their journey.

COLOR\SYMBOLS:        none


            HUMANS:            doesn’t hate, tries to avoid

            TROLLS:            never met. Where can I find one?

            PRESERVERS:     see above

            OTHER ELVES:            friendly, wants to know everything about them, very open

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Chaser

GENDER:     female

COLOR:        silver