NAME:            Chirpbird

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:            not revealed

KNOWN BY:                       herself

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH IF APPLICABLE):            none (though she thinks she

has many)

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              234

HEIGHT:     4í1Ē

HAIR:           white, hip length when down but waist length when pulled into three ponytails (one on

top two on sides), slightly wavy, often dyes it different colors

EYES:                        bright violet, level, large, almond shaped

SKIN TONE:                       golden tan

BODY TYPE:            chubby

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:            eyelashed thick and curly, eyes slightly


CLOTHING:            pale and medium periwinkle blue off the shoulder thin suede tunic opened to

navel in front and laved at bust, ends in very elongated V shape to knees in front and

back. Above knee pale and medium periwinkle blue pull on thin suede boots with thick

leather soles.

JEWELRY:  silver hairbands, ridiculously huge silver hoop earrings with equally huge light

green feather, silver wristcuffs at ends of sleeves, light green feather on tunic lacing

WEAPONS: small metal dagger in ornate leather holder strapped to right thigh, long spear

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            none

ABILITIES:            very limited sending

SKILLS:       dye making that she uses on her hair, chasing males, hunts by luck

FAMILY:            doesnít mention

ORIGIN:      same as Harvestgold

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Chirpbird is as dingbatty and airheaded as they come.

Itís a miracle that she managed to escape any fatal accident this long! Sheís got a voice thatís pitched just

right to grate on the nerves of the most tolerant elf (Think of screeching on a chalkboard). Her constant

chatter doesnít help, either. She thinks all males find her attractive, and she will latch onto any male

lifemated or not, like a leech, and heíll have a tough time peeling her off. She likes making dyes to dye

her hair. Dreamberry purple seems to be a favorite. The dyes are not permanent and wear off, then she

dyes her hair a different color. She doesnít have much of a sense of direction and itís a mystery how she

got here. Would love to DANCE, but always ends up without a partner.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     favors periwinkle blue\none


        HUMANS:            ignores

            TROLLS:            ignores

            PRESERVERS:     pretty playthings

            OTHER ELVES:         likes, especially the males