NAME:            Broketooth

RACE:           troll

GENDER:     male


SOUL NAME:            none

KNOWN BY:                       n/a

LIFE\LOVEMATES (SPECIFY WHICH):    none currently. There is a troll maiden back

at the Bat Caverns that has caught his eye, but so far he hasn’t even had the chance to ask

her name. Raves about her quite frequently when he’s had too many dreamberries. Refers

to her as “The Maiden.” She’s his one and only – no troll maiden, however beautiful or

available, could ever take her place.

CUB(S):       won’t say

AGE:              won’t say

HEIGHT:     5’

HAIR:                       none

EYES:                        black, small, beady, two

SKIN TONE:            the color of mold on sandwiches when you find them left in your lunchbox over

the holidays (he smells much the same, too!)

BODY TYPE:            rounder than usual for a troll, but he’s not fat – just well built

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:            left canine is broken off halfway down, 3

warts across his face

CLOTHING:            dark longsleeved and hooded tunic and trousers that are faded, scratched, torn,

and patched in many places. The hood is because Broketooth doesn’t want his delicate

skin damaged by the harsh rays of the sun.

JEWELRY:  single gold earring in his right ear, has more but he hides it as wearing lots of gold

is like asking to be robbed. What he has he guards jealously. Would love to acquire more.

WEAPONS: stone hammer preferred but he’ll use whatever he can pinch at the time. Hopeless

with an arrowwhip or any type of bow. Give him a sling and he’ll knock himself out.

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            silver ring belonging to “The Maiden,” his most prized possession

ABILITIES:            none

SKILLS:            metalworking, fighting, brewing dreamberry wine, finding dreamberry bushes,

smart remarks

FAMILY:     won’t say

ORIGIN:            probably born in the Bat Caverns

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Broketooth has very little in the way of redeeming features. He’s greedy, lazy, and has absolutely no morals. What he calls the truth changes daily. What he wants, he takes, no apologies. If it belongs to someone else – TOO BAD. He’s rude, bossy, and makes degrading remarks about everyone he meets. It’s hard to tell if he generally hates everyone and everything in the world, or he’s just keeping up appearances. There are various theories about what would happen if he ever said anything nice. A popular theory (at least with elves) is that he can’t and if he ever tried, the effort would give him a heart attack. He considers himself a victim of cruel fate and claims nothing good ever happens to him. Because of the trolls’ strict social system, he found himself always stuck with the menial tasks while other less skilled workers rose to success. This might be the reason he joined up with Shadowhawk and the others – there was certainly nothing holding him to Bat Caverns, except his “Maiden.” He plans to return and win her hand as soon as he’s made his fortune. Feels his genius is unappreciated and he’s right. Broketooth is both smart and crafty, but tells others this so often they no longer listen. The big question about Broketooth is what keeps him with the elves. Could be the new experiences, the fact elves generally treat him with more respect than did his fellow trolls, the fights – who knows what? Shadowhawk is the only person other than himself he actually likes or gets along with (they both like the same sort of things, ie. dreamberries), though he seems fond of Swift. Refers to Breeze as “The Kid;” her optimism drives him nuts. Can’t figure Willowherb out at all, but then, she’s a female.



            HUMANS:            smelly, stupid, graceless. All trinkets they possess they don’t deserve to

keep. Their jewelry, etc should belong to a more worthy person (ie.


            TROLLS:            generally undeserving of him

            PRESERVERS:     convinced this is a big ruse constructed by elves to make him look

stupid. Doesn’t believe they exist. He’s never seen one.

            OTHER ELVES:         same as humans, except not as smelly. They think too highly of

themselves, but are good in a fight. Can’t believe the way they treat their

“womenfolk” – letting them fight and choose their own mates. Doesn’t

know about sending. Has a great disregard for magic and “elfy” things. Is

aware that there are elves who hate all trolls and so is cautious about

approaching strange elves.

BOND BEAST:            none

BOND BEAST:            none





NAME:          Windy

GENDER:     male

COLOR:            palomino

                        Was Featherflight’s horse, but remained behind when she left HGI. Longshot                                taught Broketooth how to ride and the horse was given to him.