NAME:          Breeze

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     female


SOUL NAME:            unknown

KNOWN BY:                       no one, it is not known if Breeze even knows it

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):                Link (lovemate)

CUB(S):       none

AGE:              16, give or take a few turns

HEIGHT:     4’

HAIR:           white, halfway down her neck, always looks a bit unruly, kept off face by headband

EYES:                        med. blue, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:                       very pale

BODY TYPE:            slender

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:            Skywise-shaped face, suffers asthma and is

allergic to some pollens

CLOTHING:                       usually very skimpy top and shorts; subject to change frequently

JEWELRY:              white crystal pendant on necklace

WEAPONS: short bow with quiver, staff in close combat situations, dagger only for hunting

small game

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:                 pendant, it belonged to her parents

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding

SKILLS:            hunting, tracking, average archer, little herblore and cooking learned from


FAMILY:     true parents died when she was a cub. Right now, the closest thing she has to a

family are her friends Shadowhawk, Willowherb, Swift, and Broketooth

ORIGIN:            isolated wolf elf holt

PERSONAL HISTORYAND INFORMATION:  The classic “early morning” person. You know the type, annoyingly cheerful, always looking on the bright side. “Fresh” is perhaps the nicest way to describe her, but “green” gets used a lot (but not by trolls). She’s young and her naivete often gets her into trouble. Fortunately, someone’s always on hand to pull her out of it. Breeze is always ready for new experiences and she’s certainly had a few since being kicked out of her birth holt along with Swift, Shadowhawk, and Willowherb. None of the things that have happened to her have damaged her intense enthusiasm for life – an enthusiasm which frequently irritate her companions, but they know she only means well. She’s learning all she can about hunting from Shadowhawk, and though most of his ideas are radically different from what she’s been taught, she knows he’s usually right. She admires Willowherb’s calm and turns to her for guidance or just whenever she wants to talk. Willowherb has become the mother Breeze never knew. Breeze looks for and finds the good in everyone, but her trusting nature means she’s often fooled by those out to dupe her – but be warned! Willowherb, Shadowhawk, and Broketooth will not hesitate to step in if they think Breeze is being taken advantage of, and the three of them are enough to make any troublemaker think twice. Breeze was orphaned at an early age and was raised by her tribe. While never lacking counselors or people to take care of her, she’s often wondered what it would be like to have parents. This wondering has led to a to a deep curiosity about other people’s parents and an equally deep sympathy for those in the same position as herself. The isolated position of her tribe and the protectiveness of her friends means that she’s never really experienced the darker side of life. She’s never been tested, but when the time comes, she’ll prove a hang of a lot tougher than anyone expected. Doesn’t let having asthma stop her from doing anything. Breeze possesses not only the ability to dream, but the determination to see her dreams through. She cares about other people’s dreams as she does her own. Had a lovemate at her birth holt, but left him behind. Hasn’t met many elves since her expulsion, and has recently lovemated with Link. Favorite sayings: “It’s not that bad” and “It can’t hurt to help.”

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     none, though she does like blue a lot


HUMANS:            at first, she thought humans were just like all animals other than wolves –

just things without any real importance or emotions, just a little sneaker

perhaps. Traveling with the others has taught her respect for the five-

fingers, though she knows they can be dangerous.

TROLLS:            they may be nasty, greedy, dishonest, and care nothing for the wishes and

needs of any but themselves, but she’s sure they’re not all that bad. And

despite meeting Broketooth, she continues to think so.

            PRESERVERS:     never seen one, but will probably think they’re cute

            OTHER ELVES:         she’s mad at all the elves in her former holt, especially her

lovemate who wouldn’t do anything when Blacklock banished them. She’s

generally pleased to meet other elves and is friendly and social.

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Stoutheart

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        grey

Originally bonded to her father, but adopted her after the death of her parents. Is

slightly arthritic