NAME:             BlazingPhoenix  (human name: Asem)

RACE:             elf

GENDER:              female


SOUL NAME:              Lyrion

KNOWN BY:     herself

LIFE/LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):             single

CUBS:             none

AGE:              389

HEIGHT:             5'6

HAIR:              platinum blonde (white) with fiery red highlights, waist length, straight, thick and

very silky to the touch. Pulls up a large section into a topknot, fastening the divided hair

into a large ornate gold and copper headpiece, leaving the rest to fall free, letting it fan


EYES:                        left eye is amethyst, right eye is an unearthly jade green, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:              medium tan (light for a desert elf)

BODY TYPE:             curvy, slender, statuesque. Well toned and defined with femininity.

MARKS/SCARS/OUTSTANDING FEATURES:           her eye colors

CLOTHING:           black doeskin body suit with a deep blue/red sash and loincloth-like drape,

matching band of fabric wrapped around upper right thigh, mahogany hued doeskin knee

high boots with fringed grass-like material dyed blue and red, blood red fabric wrapped

around both wrists.

JEWELRY:            All copper and gold: ornate gold and copper headpiece, drop earrings,

tribal neckband with eagle claws encircling the bottom, matching leg band on left leg,

ornate armband on left arm, many rings upon each hand. Two red and blue beaded necklaces.

WEAPONS:            two edged throw blade used mostly for hunting but is very effective in battle,

longbow, short sword

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:     a set of panpipes decorated with the black and gold feathers

like the ones PhoenixFire wears in her hair

ABILITIES:   powerful sending, animal bonding, plant shaping

SKILLS:              archery, tracking, tanning, dancing, cubsitting. (loves cubs)

FAMILY:              Fairweather (mother- deceased), Lasz (father-deceased), PhoenixFire (twin sister),

Morningstar (niece), Lupine (nephew), Tej'ara (soul sister), Pava (adoptive human mother-


ORIGIN:              human village...though originally was born in route to desert elf holt. Doesnít know

this, though.

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION: She was raised by humans and didnít know much about

other elves except Tej'ara and PhoenixFire. She is a loyal friend and a strong enemy. She does not fear

what she doesnít know. Always having to get her twin out of whatever mess she usually gets into.

COLORS/SYMBOLS:              white and red (like hair)\throwing two edged blade.


            HUMANS:             they raised her, but she only held loyalty to the woman who raised her.  

                                      After her death, BlazingPhoenix holds no bonds to the humans.

TROLLS:     never seen one before.

            PRESERVERS:     thinks they are a little noisy but okay to be around. Wonders if she

could teach them a tune.

            OTHER ELVES:              kind; enjoys the company. Loves to be around all of the cubs.

BOND BEAST:              tiger

NAME:             Midnight

GENDER:              male

COLOR:              white with reddish black stripes.