NAME:            Bearstrong

RACE:           elf

GENDER:     male


SOUL NAME:   unrevealed

KNOWN BY:    himself, Silverbreeze (Recognized lifemate)

CUB(S):        Embershard (daughter)

AGE:              897

HEIGHT:     5’5" 

HAIR:           deep terra cotta red, earlobe length in back with bangs and sides a little shorter all divided
and smoothed to sides, thin topknot to knees, straight and silky

EYES:       pale golden amber, narrow, level, almond shaped

SKIN TONE:    pale

BODY TYPE:     big boned, very muscular

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:        large hands and feet, heavy bear blood,
thick brows, chest length red beard

CLOTHING:   all leather: rust vest with short sleeves of brown strips buttoned to shallow V-shaped
cream colored panel with med. blue bear paw track symbol, cream colored
trunks/brief garment with grey waistband and trim over snug med. brown knee length
breeches, baggy tan leggings buttoned to cuffs of breeches and covers half of grey ankle
boots, tan and med. brown armbands with dark brown trim

JEWELRY:  silver blue ring worn in beard

WEAPONS: flint dagger on right thigh, heavy spear with flint point. Will later acquire a metal
dagger and spear point

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            beard ring and tools

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding

SKILLS:            hunting, weapon making, flint knapping, tanning, leather tooling, survival skills

FAMILY:            parents deceased, Arrowflash (sister), Silverbreeze (Recognized lifemate),
Embershard (daughter)

ORIGIN:      tribe of bear blooded elves

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:    Somewhat reserved. Doesn’t openly express his emotion
s or feeling. This does not mean he is unfriendly, he is friendly once his trust
is earned, he is a friend for life. Rather mysterious and vague about where
he’s from, he doesn’t talk of his past. You can’t pry it out of him either. Not
one for casual lovemating and expects a certain amount of commitment from
a mate as he is monogamous. He has had a few serious relationships in his long life.
He would not participate in except with his faithful mate. Recognized
Silverbreeze upon his arrival in Grand Illusions. Does leather tooling for relaxation in his spare time. Enjoys dreamberries
on occasion and will socialize or remain with Silverbreeze during DANCING.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:     blue\blue bear paw track - marks his projects with it


            HUMANS:            indifferent. Never been face to face with any.


            TROLLS:            absolutely HATES!They killed his parents.
Would just as soon kill one as to look at one.

PRESERVERS:            maddening little pests! Doesn’t hate them though,could have a good use. 
Never encountered until his arrival.

            OTHER ELVES:            distrusts strangers as a stranger killed his previous bond bear by mistake.
They have to earn his trust.

BOND BEAST:            grizzly bear

NAME:            Crimsonglow

GENDER:     male

COLOR:        rusty red with dark brown eyes