RACE:            elf

GENDER:      male


SOUL NAME:            not revealed

KNOWN BY:             himself

LIFE\LOVEMATE:               none

CUB(S):          none

AGE:   cub\adult

HEIGHT:            growing\4’1”

HAIR: charcoal silver, waist length with shoulder length sidelocks, center part with no bangs (age 15 – shorter as cub)\thigh length

EYES:`            medium blue with hints of medium green, medium wide, slightly slant, large

SKIN TONE:             fair to light tan

BODY TYPE: typical cub build\fairly muscular and big boned (slender as youth)


CLOTHING:  typical cub outfits\all leather and fur: med. blue and grey asymmetrical vest with dark grey trim and silver buttons, tight med. blue breeches with dark grey V shaped stripes around the legs above knees and X stitching down sides, med. grey boots X laced down front with thick white fur trim at tips, med. grey armguards with white fur trim at tops, dark grey belt with silver buckle. Occasionally wears med. blue loincloth instead of pants\adds fringe to all

JEWELRY:    silver oval shaped belt buckle with oval clearstone set in center, silver buttons

WEAPONS:   bow with blue and grey fletched arrows, hunting knife\adds sword

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:                    belt buckle, carving tools, metallurgy tools

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding 

SKILLS:         hunting, archery, tracking, scouting, fighting, learning woodcarving from Grimlock, can work soft metals (ie: silver, gold, copper) for jewelry/buttons/fasteners

FAMILY:            Heronmyth (mother), Ironfist (father), Grimlock (uncle), Raventhorn(grandmother), Ashwolf (grandfather), Screaming Eagle (great aunt), Sablewolf (great uncle), Longshot (great grandmother), Tigersun (great grandfather, deceased)

ORIGIN:        Holt of Grand Illusions

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            As a cub, he’s carefree and happy, and gets into a bit of mischief also! Fascinated with blades and metallic/sparkly objects. Uneventful life so far. Will be picky about his DANCING partners (and only if they’re willing) and doesn’t think too much of dreamberries when he tries them as an adult.

As adult, he’s pleasant, even-tempered, self controlled, and slow to anger, though he does get a little impatient at times. All through his turns, he was taught he could be kind as well as ruthless when necessary. Can’t stand trolls and will go troll hunting with anyone as well as with his father. An excellent hunter and archer, he uses his spare time to practice his with weapons, fighting, and woodcarving daily. He’s eager to learn everything! Learned the concept of buttons/fasteners from Bearstrong and Caylah.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:         blues and greys\blue feather


            HUMANS:            ignores unless they’re in his face, then he’ll poke them with his sword to  make it a point they leave. They usually do.

            TROLLS:            considering his father’s feelings towards them, of course he doesn’t like them. He likes to go troll hunting with his father.

            PRESERVERS:         pests

            OTHER ELVES:          gets along with and likes most everyone, since he knows everyone

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:            Phantom

GENDER:      male

COLOR:         white with amber eyes


**NOTE**  His carving tools are kept in their own decorated leather pouch/case and are a gift from Grimlock. His metalworking tools consist of a slightly larger than fist sized flat stone anvil and a wooden mallet with a leather covered head, and various small hammers and punches. He works metals by hammering, flattening, and cutting (metallurgy as opposed to metalsmithing). He doesn’t forge it.