RACE:            elf

GENDER:      female

PURE\ANIMAL BLOODED (IF ANIMAL, SPECIFY WHICH):        heavily bear blooded

SOUL NAME:            not revealed

KNOWN BY:             herself




AGE:               601 (in HGI 8904)

HEIGHT:       5’3”

HAIR:             deep terra cotta red, waist length, sidelocks to shoulders, straight, left side part

EYES:             light amber, very slight slant, large, almond shaped

SKIN TONE:             pale

BODY TYPE: large boned, fairly muscular, medium bust and hips, thick waist


CLOTHING:            earthtone browns and tans: soft leather short yoked shirt, front laced leather corset from under bust to hips with straps that cover bust attached in front and back to top of corset with buttons at shoulders, armbands, ankleboots with calf wrappings

JEWELRY:    silver-blue hoop earrings with black onyx teardrops, brown leather armband (upper right), silver-blue bearhead amulet with sapphire eyes and crystal and feathers on leather cord necklace

WEAPONS:            unadorned flint tipped spear, flint knife

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:                    earrings, amulet

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding

SKILLS:            tracking, stealth, hunting, flint knapping, fighting when needed

FAMILY:       parents deceased, Bearstrong (older brother), Embershard (niece). Doesn’t speak of other family.

ORIGIN:        tribe of bear blooded elves

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Arrowflash is a go-getter type. Likes friendly competition, spending time with guys (not to join, however), but doesn’t ignore the females. She has male and female friends. Likes going on group hunts for large game. Likes to play an occasional prank, usually involving preservers on the unsuspecting, overly serious elves just to lighten things up (they hadn’t caught her yet!). Her pranks are few and far between, so nobody will immediately suspect her. She is close to her brother and when he left after their parents were killed, she felt upset and abandoned. She followed him so she could be with him again. She is very happy to have found him, and pleased to find she has a niece. She has yet to find a mate, will participate in DANCING with a steady partner. Enjoys dreamberries frequently but doesn’t overindulge.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:         earthtone browns and tans\bearhead with blue eyes


            HUMANS:            ignores unless given a reason not to, then she’ll harass them to no end, but won’t kill them unless given reason to do so.

            TROLLS:            HATES! They killed her parents. Will not talk about it. She just wants to kill them. Will go troll hunting with the others of same interest. Sometimes goes with Ironfist or alone.

            PRESERVERS:         sticky, noisy pests. Doesn’t hate’em; uses them to play pranks on those she dislikes.

            OTHER ELVES:          enjoys their company. Intolerant of jerks and idiots, ignores hateful, anti-social elves as a major waste of time better spent with friendlier elves. Animal blooded elves are fine.

BOND BEAST:            none