RACE:            elf

GENDER:      female


SOUL NAME:            Taja (Tah-zha)

KNOWN BY:             herself, Frostfire (Recognized lifemate), Longshot (soul sister)

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):             Frostfire (Recognized lifemate)

CUB(S):          Spark (son)

AGE:               50

HEIGHT:       4’4”

HAIR: very, very dark brown, just a shade shy of black with highlights of red and chestnut, tapers to nape of neck, curly, lock or two falls into eyes

EYES:             silvery-grey, wide, level

SKIN TONE:             dark tan with touch of rose to cheeks and lips

BODY TYPE: slender but muscular

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:  wolf’s paw tattoo in bluish-black ink over her heart, eyes fringed with thick black lashes

CLOTHING:  white linen-like vest laced up front, fawn brown pants in wool-like material tucked into not quite knee-length brown leather boots (dirty and travel stained). Outfit subject to change.

JEWELRY:    none

WEAPONS:   bow, flint knife in boot sheath

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:            weapons (especially her bow), her wolf friend’s devotion

ABILITIES:            sending, animal bonding, magic feeling, latent undiscovered plantshaping

SKILLS:         hunting, tracking, archery, cubsitting, weaving, sewing, dancing 

FAMILY:       parents back on the plains, Frostfire (Recognized lifemate), Spark (son)

ORIGIN:        flat grassy plains

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Arrow was born to a pure blooded mother and a wolf blooded father. Her father’s tribe has forsworn any use of magic, they rarely even send. They are ashamed of their elfin blood because they think it weakens them. They are aware of (but avoid) a tiny group of pure blooded elves that live in a small forest near them. Her father and mother met by chance and Recognized. Although both found it a horribly uncomfortable situation, they joined, and Arrow was born. She stayed with her mother for eight turns, although her mother was not prepared or willing to be a parent. The only child in her mother’s tribe, Arrow was lonely. She seemed too prone to get into danger (ie: climbing trees, wading streams, etc) for her mother to handle, so she was sent to her father. He was disturbed by her continual sending and discussion of magical abilities, and embarrassed by her “softness.” He decided to mold her into a hunter. She became a Bearer of the Wolf’s Paw, the tribe’s exclusive band of hunters and trackers, and acquired a wolf friend. She also began to learn the tribal discipline, which is mental training to diminish magical abilities (or at least keep them latent). Never fully accepted, even among her agemates or fellow Bearers of the Wolf’s Paw. She was banished by a new, young chieftain. She wandered for a turn then found Holt of Grand Illusions. Arrow is quiet and reserved. She is very self-sufficient and has learned to rely only on her wolf friend. However, she is lonely for elfin companionship, and desperately wants friends and family. To them, she would be loyal, tenderhearted, and protective. She is thoughtful and introverted, but elves with magical abilities fascinate her and she wouldn’t be able to refrain from asking questions. She is patient and loving with cubs. She never kills for sport, and wouldn’t conceive of killing and elf, but she would vigorously argue to defend someone dear to her, and even fight if necessary. She is also protective of wolves and cubs.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:         none


            HUMANS:            very little knowledge, no firm opinion. Curious about them. Recently befriended a young girl, Ayala.

            TROLLS:            no knowledge

            PRESERVERS:         no knowledge

OTHER ELVES:            Arrow is very courteous and friendly, but the past has caused her to assume that other elves will dislike her. She is surprised andpleased when she’s proven wrong! She’s sympathetic to the underdog, and hates cruelty and intolerance. Again, due to her past, she’s a bit wary of pureblooded elves, but she’s not hostile to them.

BOND BEAST:            wolf

NAME:           Finder

GENDER:      male

COLOR:         silvery-grey with golden eyes