RACE:            elf

GENDER:      male


SOUL NAME:            n/a

KNOWN BY:             n/a

LIFE\LOVEMATE (SPECIFY WHICH):  Junglewise and various other lovemates, canít count all the lovemates heís had

CUB(S):          none

AGE:               2103

HEIGHT:       4í10Ē

HAIR:             black, tapered to nape of neck with long bangs, slightly wavy

EYES:             glazed, wide, slanted

SKIN TONE:             medium tan

BODY TYPE: leanly muscled

MARKS\SCARS\OUTSTANDING FEATURES:  blind (glazed eyes), long face, well shaped mouth, thin fingers, high cheekbones

CLOTHING:              red vest, black pants with open laced sides, barefoot

JEWELRY:                gold chain necklace, gold stud in left ear

WEAPONS:               knife

SPECIAL POSSESSIONS:                    none

ABILITIES:   strong sending, underdeveloped gliding (never developed because heís blind)

SKILLS:         mystery solving, singing, cooking, plays most musical instruments and teaches their use, cubsitting, flirting, partying, lovemaking

FAMILY:       Saeba (mother, murdered), Ryo (father, alive at Eagle Feather Holt), Kaori (adoptive mother, alive at Trailís End), Duilliath (cousin), Taliesin (uncle)

ORIGIN:        Trailís End

PERSONAL HISTORY AND INFORMATION:            Amurorei is blind, born without optic nerves. He sees only in picture sends from others which is how he was taught. Amurorei thinks heís a handsome devil and many would say that heís right. He and his father were best friends, and rivals for the ladies. The only ladies safe from Amurorei (but not Ryo) in the father/son rivalry were Saeba (his mother) and Kaori (his fatherís steady lovemate). An incorrigible flirt, but will leave you alone if you donít want to be bothered with him. Ryo and Amurorei love mysteries. Ryo gathered most of the clues (since Amurorei is blind). Amurorei was the think tank. There was a mad elf, Qess (Wildchild), who loved Ryo and fled the holt (she was normal until the birth of her stillborn child and she went mad and tan off before she could be healed). She came back many turns later and murdered Saeba. Amurorei nearly went mad with grief. Ryo went after Wildchild to make her pay, but Amurorei remained behind, believing his blindness would be a hindrance. He didnít expect to ďseeĒ his father for some time. Then an elf came and told him that his father had been crippled in an accident and wanted him to come to him. Believing her, Amurorei went with her, not knowing it was Wildchild he was following. After a time, she revealed her subterfuge, stabbed him, and left him for dead. H was found by some hunters and brought back to Holt of Grand Illusions to be healed. Since he doesnít know his way back, Amurorei stayed in the Holt. He doesnít like the constant travel since he canít get his bearings for long before heís moved again.

            Amurorei is very flirtatious, but tell him no once and heíll never bother you again. He doesnít get hurt or try to force the point. No is no as far as heís concerned. Heís a fun flirt as opposed to an arrogant one. Tends not to flirt with lifemated females as he doesnít want anyone to be angry with him. He is an accomplished musician and loves music with a passion. Heíll teach anyone who wants to learn. He is a good cook and doesnít like people disturbing his kitchen once he gets it set up. Saeba used to move things on him when he was little as a punishment when he was bad and heís a bit fanatical about people rearranging his stuff. Amurorei likes to keep in shape. He can swim but he canít go alone since he isnít likely to find the shore on his own. He likes to cubsit. He likes to let the cubs think theyíre getting away with something then he does know about it and foils them in the end. It gets to be a game to see if they can put one past the blind elf. Amurorei does loves a mystery and if he can find someone to be his Sherlock, Steve McGarret, or Charlie Chan, heíll go back into it. Heís better at being Watson, Danno, or Number One Son. Greatwave volunteers for the position and Amurorei enjoys the messes they can get into. He makes a good counselor because of the though he puts into problems.

COLORS\SYMBOLS:         none


            HUMANS:            doesnít know much about them.

            TROLLS:            same

            PRESERVERS:         doesnít know much about them

            OTHER ELVES:          very friendly, loves the ladies

BOND BEAST:            none


NAME:           Mosiah

GENDER:      male

COLOR:         brown and white. 

Very friendly, sleek, likes to lick people.